Your Pinterest Questions Answered

How do I get my pins to people just scrolling Pinterest to visit my website and book me? Click for answer!    #PinterestMarketing #PinterestTips #PinterestforBusiness

Pinterest, it’s a great way to get people to visit your website, your services, and your products.

It’s one of my favourite ways to market your business, especially since once you have a system setup it doesn’t take a lot of time to sustain. I’ve rounded up a few of the most common questions I am asked and all my advice. 

Here we go! 

My Pins are Getting a decent amount of “Impressions” but hardly any clicks or saves. What should I do? 

Make sure you have a Call to Action

A Call to Action is defined as an action you want the user to follow. You want to tell the reader of your pin that you want them to click and click now, not just save the pin for later. Use a call to action in your pin graphic and in the pin description.

Common call to actions are:  

  • Click here to become _______

  • Get results from ______ 

  • Stop everything and _______                                            

  • Are you doing this wrong? Find out!                                            

  • Get exclusive access

  • Get the secret formula

  • Yes, I want __________

  • Start your journey towards __________

  • Reserve your spot now

  • Get started

  • Download Now

Check your Analytics

Take a look at your website analytics and see which pins have the most clicks. Take a look at those pins and determine what the pins with the most clicks have.

  • Topic

  • Colors

  • Fonts

  • Call to action

  • What is the pin description like

  • Where does the link go (product page/blog post/podcast download)?

Try to build off of what is already working.  

How do I get my pins to people just scrolling Pinterest to visit my website and book me? 


Stand Out in the Feed

There are a few key strategies in your pin design to help you stand out in the Pinterest feed. The idea is you want to catch someones attention enough to stop their scrolling. Take a look at the image on the right, do you see how the pin with the bright blue and pink stands out against the others? Don’t be afraid to brighten your brand colours up a little bit on Pinterest so they can stand out.

Make fonts on pins easy to read

As much as I love a good handwritten cursive style font, it’s better not to use them on Pinterest.


Because they can be hard to read when people are scrolling quickly.

Use easy to read fonts that are large and in black or a colour that contrasts well with the background.

Have multiple pin template styles

Use 4-6 pin styles for all of your content and then start to watch which styles get more re-pins and traffic. For each different design, use slightly different wording (also known as copy) to attract your target audience. Every few months, look into your analytics and see which styles are performing the best and worst. If a particular style is consistently not performing, then redesign that style.

Ready to get serious about getting Pinterest traffic?

Pinterest is the best way to continually bring traffic to your website and make sales. With the free Conversion Optimized Pins Checklist you be able to create consistency with your Pinterest strategy.

Tips on how to get customers to find your pins? 

Use Tailwind

Specifically Tailwind Tribes, to help spread the word about your content. Tailwind Tribes allows you to add content to the tribe for others to share on their Pinterest feed. This expands the reach of your pins. 

Write pin descriptions for your target audience

Use your target audience profiling to design and write your pins on Pinterest.

How does Pinterest help your business get leads?

Such a great question! Pinterest can help your business get leads by bringing new eyes to your website. 72% say Pinterest inspires them to shop when they aren’t actually looking for anything (source).

The best way to get leads from Pinterest is by thinking it as the top of your marketing funnel. 

pinterest funnel basics

The idea of a funnel is that your potential client moves from unaware of your product/business and you guide them through a funnel where they become more aware and ultimately purchase your products or services. As the funnel tightens the client is more aware of your offerings. 

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the marketing “funnel” speak and strategies. Don’t overcomplicate it. Aim to lead your potential client on a journey from being unaware of who you are to aware and ready to purchase. 

For example, a funnel to increase leads could look like: 

Pinterest Marketing Funnel Example
  1. Pin with link to a blog post that relates to your expertise 

  1. User clicks the link to your blog post

  2. Once they are on your blog post you want to encourage them to click to other relevant blog posts

  3. Encourage more engagement on your Instagram or other social media platform where you build the know/like/trust factor

  4. Use a regular call to action on social media and blog posts that lead to your contact page

I haven’t gotten into Pinterest for my business, where do I start? 

Set up your Business Profile 

When you have a business profile, you are able to get insights from Pinterest’s built-in analytics. 

Claim your Website

When you claim your website, every time someone pins something from your website you will always be linked and credited.

Apply for Rich Pins

Rich pins show extra information directly on the Pin, they add details to products, articles, and recipes. They work by adding meta tags to your website and having Pinterest confirm their validity.

Create a Pinterest Board to house your blog/podcast or other content you have. 

Start pinning your existing content to this board. 

Want more detail on how to get setup? All of the above and MORE are covered in my Pinterest Marketing Kit

How do Pinterest Tribes work? 

Tailwind Tribes are the easiest way to find relevant content to pin to your boards. A Tribe is basically a group of people who share content on a certain niche, then they re-pin the content to their own boards.

How to use Tribes: 

  1. Scroll through Tribes, when you find content you want to share start typing in the board that you want to pin it to

  2. Click Add to Queue

  3. Tailwind will populate this content into your schedule

I try to schedule all my content for the entire month at one time. That way it is set and I can forget about it until the next month.

Adding your Content to Tailwind Tribes

Add all of your content and pins to Tribes so others in the group can start pinning it to their account, this will broaden the reach of your content.

To do this you can use the Tailwind Browser extension to pin from your website and then add to the tribes that you are apart of. Or you can upload a pin and the link to Tailwind and add them to the tribe from there.

I hope you were able to find some answers to your own Pinterest questions. If you didn’t feel free to reach out and DM me on Instagram!

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