How To: Write Pinterest Pin Descriptions

Probably one of the hardest parts of Pinterest marketing, in my opinion, is writing Pinterest captions. How do you include keywords, hashtags and make a compelling argument to click the link in 50-60 characters?

Probably one of the hardest parts of Pinterest marketing, in my opinion, is writing Pinterest captions. How do you include keywords, hashtags and make a compelling argument to click the link in 50-60 characters? This is where I always struggle. 

Not to mention that I write different pin descriptions for each pin style that I am using. 

Many times I have sat at my laptop, cursor blinking, trying to find the right words, to sum up my pin. 

Here’s a few tried and true tips that help me!

What is a Pin Title and Pin Description?

There are two places for searchable written text on Pinterest, your title and the pin description. These fields are where you have a chance to place keywords, so your pin is found when users are searching on Pinterest. 

Pin Title 

Keep this short and to the point. Most users will not read this title but uses it to display search results. 


Pin Description

You want the most important information first, most users will not click on the more button.

Know your Target Audience

At the end of the day, you are really writing the pin description for your target audience, this means you should know the types of words they use and say on a regular basis. 

These are all important factors when writing descriptions for pins. 

When you go to write any kind of marketing for your business you need to have a good picture of who your target audience is. Imagine her, what she is wearing, is she sipping on coffee, tea or maybe a glass of wine? 

How does she speak?

Is it casual, very professional/business, or trendy? Tip: one of the best ways to find this out is to survey your ideal clients, or follow them on Instagram and write down common words and phrases that she uses. 

For more questions to ask,  head to this post.

Include Keywords

Ah keywords. We all know we should use them… 

Let’s be honest though how often do you research keywords before you post something? 

I know, it can feel like an extra step to research keywords, it is an extra step. But it is worth it! 

Because the Pin Title and Pin Description are the only searchable text fields in Pinterest you want to make sure you are using the words that your target audience will us. If you’ve got your target audience locked in, this will be easier for you. 

Tip: Remember that Pinterest is a search platform, think of how you search on Google. Usually short to the point words, super-specific. Keep this in mind when you are writing your descriptions. 

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# Hashtags are your friend

Hashtags are an underutilized feature of Pinterest. Think of hashtags as a way to find similar pins, instead of finding specific pins. So when you are brainstorming the hashtags you are going to use think about the topic that the user is going to be searching for. 

For example #easyrecipes #tonightsdinner  #pinteresttips 

Copy that Converts

This is the key, my friend, getting the Pinterest user to click on your pin and over to your website. 

Bring your keywords together, with the words your audience likes to use and start making it a sentence. 

I like to start with a question:

  • Are you making these mistakes

  • Are you interested in a wedding at this venue

  • Are you doing _____ correctly? 

  • Are you planning a specific niche wedding? 

Or with a statistic or a number: 

  • x% of users got this result

  • ______ is the # for _______ 

  • Want to know the 1 thing that changed _______ for me? 

  • This 1 thing will help you _______ (do something). 

Feeling words: 

  • Are you feeling _______? 

  • Want to _________  (experience something good)? Here is the ___________(way to get it).

Don’t forget that Call to Action

Some examples of call to actions you can use:

  • Get your free list of

  • Click here to become:

  • Get results from:

  •  Stop everything and:

  • Are you doing this wrong? Find out:

  • Get exclusive access

  • Get the secret formula

  • Yes, I want:

  • Start your journey towards:

  • Reserve your spot now

  • Get started

  • Download Now

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