How I Use Later to Manage My Instagram Feed

Instagram is still important in your marketing strategy, users 25 and older spend  more than 24 minutes a day on Instagram !

Instagram is still important in your marketing strategy, users 25 and older spend more than 24 minutes a day on Instagram! I can pretty much guarantee I spend more than 24 minutes on the platform.

Call me old fashion, social media grandma or just holding onto the past, but I still love posting to the Instagram feed! I understand that people are spending more and more time in Instagram stories instead of scrolling the feed. But there is something I find so satisfying in curating and writing content for my feed.

One thing I am not good at is writing captions on the fly, I like to type them out on my computer and schedule them out in advance. Personally I find this less overwhelming.

A few years ago, I wrote a post comparing three Instagram scheduling apps and I chose Later as the best at the time! Over the years Instagram has changed and Later has continued to evolve and get even better. I am still happy with Later today.

A few of the features I LOVE:

  1. Automatic Posting

  2. They are an official Instagram Partner

  3. Upload as many images as you want

  4. Their free plan is all I have ever needed or used. 30 posts/month for FREE

This is how I use Later to manage my Instagram Feed…

Storing all my images


As soon as I take new images or download stock images I add them to the media gallery on Later. I then label the images into different categories so I can filter and sort them later.

I choose to label my images into the following categories:

  1. Stock

  2. My Images

  3. Pictures of Me :)

Once the images are uploaded and labelled, I can easily sort based on the type of post I am drafting. Later also automatically categories images as Un-Used or Used. And if you’ve used the image before, there will be a number in the bottom corner of the image showing how many times you have used it.

All the social images are stored in one place making my life super simple.

Drag & Drop Scheduling


I drag 5 images onto each day of the week and select the posting time based on when my audience is most active (hint: you can get this stat in the insights section of your Instagram app).

Preview and Rearrange


After dragging and dropping the pictures onto the calendar I look at the preview version of my feed. Making sure the images are cohesive and match the theme I am going for.

In the past I tried to post 1 flatlay images and then 1 non-flatlay (scenery, person, etc). Lately I am posting one picture of myself and then the next a flatlay/scenery image.

Make it look pretty, then add the captions later

I schedule a few weeks of images onto the calendar (leaving the post setting to Notification) , then make sure they are cohesive and then go back to add the content later.

I usually will do all the content for the week at one time, trying to keep a theme or relevant to what I am working on at the moment.

I’ve tried to write the captions more than a week out, but I find it difficult and not as relatable. Instead I make it a weekly habit to go and write the captions. Once the caption is written I change the post setting to Auto and I’m done.

Later will AUTOMATICALLY post the image to your feed and send you a notification that it was posted. Then I monitor the post for comments and engage as needed.

I find this the best way to manage my own Instagram, it keeps content regular and consistent without overwhelming me. When the caption isn’t written I spend most of the day feeling guilty that I haven’t “followed” my schedule and can’t think of a caption to write. Which leads to further procrastination and guilt!

Do you schedule your Instagram feed posts? Which app do you use?