Keep Sharing Your Genius. Even When It Feels like No-one Is Listening

Keep Sharing Your Genius Even When It Feels like No-one Is Listening | Larch & Lake

Did you jump into this entrepreneurial journey thinking that success was inevitable? Everyone else is doing it, it can’t be that hard.

Or that since “she” is over there making millions online you should be able to package up your genius and do the same thing?

So you launch your website, create an Instagram account, start pinning to Pinterest. You put your unique content out there and then you hear crickets.

I’ve seen and heard this sentiment from big names in the creative industry and the new faces alike. It is extremely disheartening and discouraging to put your heart and soul into content and feel like it is falling on deaf ears.

Personally, I feel like there is two aspects to this problem. One we personally need to find the encouragement to keep creating content, even though it seems as though no one is reading it.

Two, we need to support the content creators that we love, so they can continue to be inspired and validated. Because sometimes it’s just nice to know someone is listening! Am I right?

Keep sharing even though though the reward seems small

Let’s first acknowledge that there is a lot of content being shared on the internet on a daily basis, one statistic says there are 2 million blog posts published everyday. We can all agree that we are inundated with content every single day, it is on our phones, on the radio, on the tv, your Facebook feed is full of it, Pinterest is overflowing with content, and Google searches bring up millions of search results.

We are all overwhelmed. Your content is probably being seen, even if you don’t have direct engagement from it. Luckily you can check your stats to see if this is the case.

Share from a place of love

Stop thinking about your blog posts or your social strategy as the means to an end. Yes, you can and should have a strategy and yes you need to grow your business. But share from a place of good intentions and love. Just like having a why behind your business will help your fans resonate with you, sharing from a place of compassion will make the act of sharing a reward instead of the recognition of sharing.

Engage with those who do support your content

For the love of the internet, please reply back to comments and DM’s. If you are going to put content into the world, please engage with those who take the time out of their life to engage with you. Even if it is a simple thank you. I get it if you have a hard time responding when you have multiple thousands of followers, but please do your best. If you don’t have as many followers and only receive a few comments there is no excuse to not reply.

Support content creators that you love

Here’s the other side of the situation, we all need to make time to support the creators that we love by commenting, replying to emails, sending direct messages. Let them know that you are out there and you are reading/listening/interested in their content.

Personally, I know sometimes I am intimidated of commenting on something because I want it to sound just right, but I know I appreciate my comments so much. Don’t take is so seriously, it doesn't have to be perfect. Let’s get back to a world where social media is in fact social and we socialize with other human beings.

Moral of the story

Share for yourself and trust there is someone listening (even if they aren’t communicating). Love on your favourite content creators, inspire them to keep going, we all need the encouragement whether you have 10 followers or 25k.