Fancy Quiz Opt-In | Not as Complicated as you Think


Disclosure: Interact partnered with me on this post for my honest review of their software and this post contains affiliate links click here for more information. All comments and opinions are my own! 

We all know that growing an email list should be on your priority list. Yet, for a lot of creatives, it can feel intimidating, overwhelming or they just don't know what type of opt-in or lead magnet (think checklist, workbook, etc) will fit into their serviced based business.

Say hi to Interact, which is a super simple quiz building software so you can easily set up a quiz that will grow your email list! In addition, Interact will help you stay on brand, act as a lead generation tool, and letting your tribe have a little bit of fun! Because personality quizzes always entice us ;)!  

I always looked at a quiz opt-in as something that was complicated, was going to take up too much time and just plain overwhelming. When Interact reached out and asked if I wanted a demo, at first I was sceptical. But seriously, setting up a quiz for my website was so much easier than I expected and I’m really excited to see people start to use it!

In this post, I am going to share my experience in setting up my first quiz with Interact and my tips for maintaining your brand messaging throughout your quiz.

Know your Audience

To make your quiz as effective as possible, you need to narrow down your audience (read your ideal client). You should already have a good idea of who and how to speak to your ideal client, and your ideal client should identify with your quiz topic and personalities. Check out Interact’s guide on how to make a personality quiz!

Know your ideal client and you're still having a hard time? Think of the different stages your potential clients could be at...

For example:

  1. Dreaming of starting their business

  2. Just starting and trying to Figure out #all the things

  3. In business for a while and trying to make it to the next step

  4. A veteran business owner who has a team and is looking for more ways to outsource


  1. Extremely disorganized but not ready to get rid of anything

  2. Overwhelmed by all their clutter and almost ready to commit to getting rid of their junk

  3. She’s had enough and she’s hiring someone to clear her junk ASAP

  4. She’s got this organization thing figured out and likes to watch for more organizing inspo

Once you have the different personalities you can brainstorm questions and answers that will match to each personality.

No Need to Recreate the Wheel -> Follow a Template

The amazing thing about Interact is they have so many templates that are ready for you to put your mark on. So instead of recreating the wheel, you can choose a template, tweak the template to match your brand voice and brand style and add to your website. Super simple.

Sometimes one of the hardest parts about implementing something new is staring at the blank screen not sure what to do next. Interact’s templates remove this barrier.

I used the “What kind of Creative Entrepreneur are you?” template as a starting point and then customized it to suit my audience and brand.

Make it Look Pretty

Choose a cover image that fits cohesively with your branding and website. I chose a photo that was taken during the same photoshoot as the majority of the branding photos on my website. Once I embedded the quiz on my website because the branding matched it didn’t seem out of place or a third party integration.

Interact Quiz Opt-In

All the colors and fonts are customizable, so your quiz will look like a seamless extension of your brand. You can even connect Interact to your Adobe Typekit account! Major win!

Theme First

I found it easier to brainstorm the theme that would fit my brand, I knew I wanted the results to be around productivity and how you implement strategies in your business. From there I brainstormed 4 different results. Once I had the results and the corresponding ‘personality’ of each result then I tweaked the questions from the template to fit the results.

At first, I thought matching the questions to their corresponding results would be confusing, but Interact makes it so simple. All you do is click to match the correlations, and you can even match to multiple results. Seriously, so simple.

Interact Quiz so Simple to set up

Connect to your Email Provider

Setting up the opt-in form was super simple as well. I chose to ask for email address and First Name, then explained what type of emails they can expect to receive. One of the great features of Interact is it allows users to skip the opt-in. For me this was super important, I personally have taken a lot of quizzes and skipped receiving the results because I didn’t want to be on the mailing list. We are smart internet users, if someone doesn’t want to opt-in allow them to still have fun with the quiz without the commitment.

I integrated my quiz with Mailchimp and it was literally as simple as a few clicks.  

Make it official on your website

The last step, get your brand new quiz on your website! There are a few different options for where to publish your quiz. You can have a pop-up, announcement bar, embed on a specific page or even share on Facebook. Right now I find that pop-ups are giving me the most conversions on my website so I chose that option.

I use Squarespace for my website, so I copied the HTML from Interact and pasted into the Page Header Code Injection. You can do this by:

  1. Click on the gear icon on your homepage,

  2. Then clicking on Advanced

  3. Pasting the HTML

  4. Then clicking Save

I just launched my quiz this week! I am excited to see the feedback and results! I promise to keep you in the loop with my results!

What do you think? Do you have a quiz on your website? Have I convinced you that it is easier than you think?

Disclosure: Interact partnered with me on this post for my honest review of their software and this post contains affiliate links click here for more information. All comments and opinions are my own!