Why I use the Contract Shop for my contracts


Disclosure: I am an affiliate for The Contract Shop and this post does include affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

There's nothing that really irks me more than when a business I'm working with doesn't have a contract. Why? Because a contract covers their behind and mine. I like knowing what the 'rules' are and what the deliverables are going to be. Maybe I'm crazy! But you really should make sure your biz is legal! 

I get my contracts and legal templates from The Contract Shop, because I trust Christina and I appreciate that once you've purchased her contracts then the lifetime updates are included for free.

Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy

You probably know you need a Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy on your website and you may have copied and pasted that from someone else's website, sound familiar? Yeah?

It actually took me a while to pull the trigger on The Contract Shop's template, because it isn't cheap (especially when you factor in the USA/CAD exchange rate). But it was all worth it this spring when everyone was freaking out about GDPR! I'll admit that I was a little behind on the news, and realized changes were coming about 1 month before (from Christina's Instagram no less). Cue me freaking out, I wanted to comply, but this was way over my head! 

Then I saw on The Contract Shop's website that since I already had the Terms & Conditions template I would be receiving an email with the updated GDPR compliant template. Simple as that, no need for me to freak out. All I had to do was copy and paste the new template into my website. DONE. Enough said. WORTH the money.

Canadian Templates Too!

Yes, The Contract Shop is based in the USA, but one thing I love is that a lot of there templates are specific for Canada too! When I reached out to my business lawyer, here in Canada, and asked about having her draft a contract for me the price was well over $1000. While I'm sure there are many circumstances where this is a good option, it is custom and specific to your business needs. My business is not in a place where dropping $1000+ on a contract is possible. 

So the fact that they offer so many contracts for Canadians, Australians and the UK is unreal! Yes, you still have to pay in USD, but in many cases, the exchange rate is still worth it!

Creative Specific

Another reason I use The Contract Shop for my contracts is that it is specific to the creative field. Christina understands this unique online business, creative to creative field. These aren't templates drafted by a lawyer who doesn't know what Instagram is. They understand the uniqueness of working with the wedding vendors and bride and grooms. 

Templates Your Business Probably Needs

  1. Website Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy- GDPR Compliant

  2. Blogger Disclaimer Template - to disclose affiliate links and earnings

  3. Online Course Terms & Conditions

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for The Contract Shop and this post does include affiliate links. All opinions are my own.