Setting Up an Email Opt-In Form on your Website

You have the email opt-in, but now you need to start collecting those emails. There are several ways you can do this, let's look at them further. 

After last week’s blog post, 175 Email Opt-In Ideas, I hope you have a few lead magnets that you can use to grow your email list. Now, it is time to work on how you are going to collect those email addresses.

I personally use Mailchimp, I like that your first 1000 email subscribers are free, it gives you a good start to growing your email list. Once you have 1000 subscribers I would look at investing in ConvertKit which has more options for segmentation. But honestly, Mailchimp is a good place to start.

Mailchimp has a few different options for subscribing to your email list. You can create a landing page or you can create a custom signup form. Each has a unique purpose.

We are going to look at both options today.

Setting up Landing Page Opt-In

You can use a landing page when you are directing traffic to a specific offer because a landing page has less information and fewer distractions they convert more than sending traffic to a regular page on your website.

Follow Mailchimps instructions on how to create a landing page

Landing Page Opt-In Examples

Tips for Landing Page

  • Keep it short and simple - The idea is to only have information on the landing page that will convert (get the person to click sign up)

  • Emphasis the value of your opt-in

  • Only ask for the information you really need. In most cases, first name and email address should be enough

  • Use a unique call to action instead of “signup” or “submit”

  • Make sure the call to action looks like a button

  • Make it obvious what the user has to do to sign up

  • Try not to use outbound links, you want to keep the user on this page

  • Whichever platform you use, make sure you can track it! So you can fix what isn’t working

Setting up a Custom Sign Up Form

You can use a custom signup form as a popup on your website, embedded within blog posts or in the side column of your blog, etc. The custom signup form is a good way to present your content upgrades from blog posts.

Follow Mailchimps instructions on how to create signup forms

Embedded Sign Up Form Examples

Tips for Custom Sign Up Forms

  • Popup forms may be annoying, but they work. Don’t be afraid to use them!

  • Add signup forms in different locations on your website, monitor to see which locations and which offers are converting the best
  • Ask for email address and first name