Marketing Trends for 2018

The research is in, I read dozens of articles on 2018 Marketing Trends and picked out the best ones for you to implement this year!

The research is in, I read dozens of articles on 2018 Marketing Trends and picked out the best ones for you to implement this year!

While there a many different strategies out there, as business owners we don’t need anymore tasks taking up our time. We need simple, effective marketing tactics that will grow our business. Here it is, my three Marketing Trends of 2018, drumroll please….



We all knew this one was coming! Studies suggest that 80% of people prefer live video as opposed to reading a blog (via Quick Sprout). Video, specifically live video continues to dominate digital marketing. Social platforms are giving more exposure to accounts who use live video. Live videos have real time engagement from your followers giving you an algorithm boost (it’s even more about engagement now).

On January 11th Mark Zuckerberg posted on new changes to the Facebook Feed, specifically helping users find more meaningful content instead of relevant content. Meaning users will see less from businesses, brands and media and more from your family and friends. Good for users, bad for businesses using Facebook. It’s not all lost though, the best way to beat the changes is by going live, because facebook live videos receive more engagement!

Read more: Want to learn how to pivot with the new Facebook changes, check out Anesha’s post on The Rising Tide Society

2018 is the year you start thinking of YouTube as a search engine instead of social platform. People now watch 1 billion of YouTube video per day (TechCrunch)! 1 BILLION HOURS PER DAY, yes you read that right! In addition to how much time people spend on YouTube, it is more popular than Google Search (Smart Insights).

Tip: repurpose your live video content by posting it on YouTube. This way you can receive the benefits from the platform without adding more to your to-do list. Keep it simple, am I right?!

How to implement video in 2018:

  1. Host a live video at least once per month, or even better at least once per week. Check out Tyler J. McCall’s community for great tips!

  2. Record the content and post to YouTube

  3. Share the recorded content in your newsletter or on your blog


Content marketing is still strong this year! This is more than just blogging, the official definition of content marketing is “a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.” Our brains are trained to tune out advertising, we barely see it. Content marketing is effective because you are engaging with customers who are interested in what you have to offer.

To make the most of your content marketing, you need to know what your customers are looking for. Spend some time creating a customer profile, surveying your audience and asking for feedback so you can ensure you are providing the best content that your audience wants to see.

Bottom line: Share your knowledge! You will build credit with your customers and make more sales. 

How to implement content marketing in 2018:

  1. Continue blogging, it increases your SEO. Check out my posts on How to Theme your Content for the Entire Year and How To Actually Write your Blog Content.

  2. Live video IS content marketing. Check. Check.

  3. Share your knowledge. Share what is ‘duh’ to you, because it is valuable information for your customer.

  4. Refine and niche down your strategy. 

  5. Know what your customers are looking for -> ask them, simple as that.


Okay, I am so so excited about this one! Chatbots. A common chatbox is those support chats in the bottom right hand corner of website, they are showing up EVERYWHERE! I know you have probably used one. Recent stats show that 48% of consumers would rather connect via live chat than any other means of contact (Ubisend). Use chatbots to increase engagement, get feedback from leads, nurture leads, and customer support. Really the possibilities are endless. This is something that is really going to takeoff in 2018. 

Use a website chatbot to send friendly messages to visitors to your site, ask if they have any questions or need any help. The great thing about bots is they are constantly learning and you are learning what your visitors are looking for.

How to implement Chatbots in 2018:

  1. Add a chatbot on your website. Try Instabot

  2. Use a Facebook Messanger bot to respond to questions. Try ManyChat

  3. Collect data, solve problems, learn and grow with the chatbot. The possibilities are endless.

Honourable Mention: EMAIL Marketing

Email and your email list is still necessary, using an email list can improve your conversions by 10% (Quick Sprout). Grab my 175 Email Opt-In Ideas.

How to make the most of your email list:

  1. Segment and target your list

    1. 50% of businesses do not use any targeting in their emails (Smart Insights). This needs to change, remember you customers want content that interests them. Find out what that is and deliver. 

  2. Personalize! Use the first name tags, and other merged fields to make your emails more personal

    1. 26% increased chance of opening the email when you personalize the subject line (Quick Sprout)

  3. Add something interactive  

    1. Add surveys, polls, video (repurposed from your lives), use GIFs -> make your emails more fun to read

Honourable Mention: PRIVACY

Privacy is becoming more and more important. In 2018 customers, businesses and governments are going to be taking privacy more seriously. This isn’t as much a marketing tactic, but make sure you are compliant if you are conducting your business on the internet and handling personal information. 

How to implement this in 2018:

  1. Display security badges

  2. Have an SSL cert (your website should have https:// before the www.

  3. Respect CASL email rules

  4. Have a Privacy Policy on your website. Check out The Contract Shop (affiliate link)

  5. Include customer reviews and testimonials

  6. Make sure any payment collection is 100% secure

Well, what do you think? What marketing tactics are you trying out for 2018?