ROCK your Marketing Efforts! {FREE Planning Template}


Ever heard the saying “plan your work, work your plan”? Well in order to see BIG results in your business growth you need to plan your marketing and then actually follow through on that plan. If you don’t set a goal and a plan to achieve that goal you are literally just throwing your marketing activities into the wind and hoping that they actually land somewhere.

Let’s create a plan so your marketing efforts this month can be focused and effective.

1. Site Analytics i.e. Google Analytics

Please, please, please, install some form of analytics to your website! Even if you are currently not using all of the features that Google Analytics or similar tools have, the fact that you are recording your website stats means that in the future you can go back to previous months look for trends.

I personally love Google Analytics mainly because it is free and commonly used there are a lot of resources to help you make the most of all the data.

Don’t have Google Analytics installed? Follow this tutorial. You need to do this first!

2. Determine your #1 BIG goal

Make this easy, don’t focus on a handful of different marketing goals. Start simple and set one goal, just ONE. Then every marketing activity you are going to do for the next month is going to help reach the one goal. Simple right? Good.

Let’s make this a BIG goal, one that will drive exponential growth not just a little bump in growth. I personally love how CoSchedule focuses on activities that create 10x (read ten times) growth. Entrepreneurs do not have time to do #allthethings, therefore we should be focusing on activities that bring in the most growth and ditch the rest.

Here are a some of examples:

  • Increase traffic to my website 10x (this is the simplest goal you can have)
  • Increase click throughs from {insert social media platform here} by 10x
  • 10x opt-in conversions
  • 10x contact form submissions
  • Decrease bounce rate on website by 10x (this means people are staying on your website longer)

Write down your goal, we are going to build on this.

3. Set up analytics to track your BIG goal

You will need to continue to measure how effective our tactics are, month over month. The longer you track your efforts the more you can refine the tactics you use.  Click this link to install this Custom Dashboard on your google analytics for the goals above.

*You will need to set up a the Contact Conversion and Opt-In Conversion goals to make the Dashboard work effectively. 


Goal: Contact Conversion

1. Click the Gear Icon, in the third column click Goals


2. Under Template click Contact Us, then click Continue


3. Change the Description to Contact Submission and Type as Destination. Click Continue


Make sure you have a specific destination page set up after someone submits your contact form.

The easiest way to do this is to create a new page titled Thank You and point the Post Submit HTML to the new page. If you use squarespace use this in the Advanced section of your form: <script> window.location.replace("/thank-you"); </script>

4. Set the Destination to Equals and type in /thank-you (or the url of your destination page)


5. Click Save

Goal: Opt-In Conversion

1. Click the Gear Icon, in the third column click Goals


2. Click on Custom (underneath Template) and click Continue


3. Name the goal Opt-In Conversions and click Continue


4. In the destination field, copy and paste the URL of your opt-in completion page, i.e. the page on mailchimp that confirms the subscription (or the mail platform of your choice)


5. Click Save

4. Plan, Plan, Plan


The key to seeing growth on your goal is having a plan to get there. Plan your work, work your plan. Right?  

Download the marketing planner to brainstorm ideas to achieve your goal and determine which ideas will generate the best results.

  1. Type your #1 BIG goal in row 1

  2. Brain dump all your ideas to achieve this goal in column A

    1. Include EVERYTHING, we will evaluate ideas next, so just focus on getting all your ideas here

  3. Score each of your ideas on the content in columns B-H. Score ideas on a scale between 1-5. Where 1 = Lowest Score and 5 = Highest Score.

    1. How long will this take implement? 1 = Long time and 5 = Quick

    2. How much research will this take? 1 = Lot’s of research and 5 = I can do this right now

    3. Do I have the resources? 1 = No, I have to buy something to make this happen 5 = Yes, I have everything I need

    4. Can I reuse this content? 1 = No, it is good for a one time application, content is time sensitive 5 = Yes, this can be used month after month, on various platforms, the content is not time sensitive

    5. Does this fit with my audience? 1 = No, my audience doesn’t use this platform, audience doesn’t need this information and 5 = Yes, my audience has told me they are looking for this

    6. Is this a BIG growth idea? 1 = No and 5 = Yes

    7. Does this contribute to the BIG goal? 1 = No and 5 = Yes

  4. The spreadsheet will calculate the score of each of your ideas. The maximum score is 35.

  5. Sort your spreadsheet so the highest scoring ideas are at the top. Do this by selecting all the rows and columns in the range, then click Data, then Sort Range, Sort by Column I and by Z -> A

  6. Start with the highest ranking ideas, they are the simplest to implement. When the actions are simple you will actually do them!

5. Action

So you have the best ideas that are going to create BIG results. Now you need to schedule time in your calendar to actually implement. You cannot accomplish your big goal unless you put in the time.

Action step: Write down in your planner/add a task in Asana or Trello the tasks you need to do in the next month.

6. Monthly Check In

Give yourself time to implement the ideas and check back into Google Analytics at the end of the month. Watch for an upcoming post on how to evaluate your results.

Action step: On the first Monday of next month schedule 1 hour into your calendar to review your numbers in Google Analytics. 

What did you choose as your #1 BIG goal this month? Tell me in the comments!