How to: Monthly Content Marketing {FREE Workbook Download}


Do you feel like everyone else has this marketing thing figured out? And you’re just sitting over there like what am I supposed to post about now? And blog? What am I going to blog about? Seriously, who has the time?! I hear ya! Use my Monthly Content Workbook to help get you on track! 

Growing your business can be a lot of #hustle, trust me I know, but you don’t need to be doing #allthethings. You need to find the marketing strategy that work for your audience and forget the rest. Yes, [insert popular technique] may be working for other people, but that doesn’t mean it is going to work for you. 


The first step is to quickly evaluate the #wins and losses of last month. You can’t know what to focus on this month if you don’t know what worked. You will need Google Analytics set up for this, if you don’t have your Google Analytics set up then head to this post.  

  1. First, you are going to look in your Google Analytics and find your total monthly visits, total unique monthly visits and top referral source (i.e. Pinterest, Facebook, other website).
  2. Second, you are going to look up your blog content in Google Analytics and determine your top 5 best performing content.  Hint: we are going to create more content like this, because it’s obviously working.


The easiest way to come up with content ideas is to have a theme. Set a theme for the month and have all your content revolve around that theme. This isn’t a random theme though, your theme is going to drive traffic back to your services or products. 

For example, say you are a calligrapher and this month you want to drive traffic to your calligraphy art prints. Your theme is: Art Prints and potential topics could be a behind the scenes at creating the prints, showcase your customers, framing options and how to frame the prints. You can read the full how to post on how to theme your entire year.


Along with creating a theme you want to create an overarching goal. In the last example the theme was art prints and our goal was to drive traffic back to your website and make art print sales. 


Next, you are going to look at your top performing pieces content and brainstorm content pieces that are similar. Then write them. It could help you to batch your work, or you can write on a week by week basis. At the end of the day you NEED to actually write the content, need help read how to actually write your blog content . Try turning on and get it done. No excuses, this is your business and you need to put the work in. 


Now that you have written your blog posts, newsletter, social captions you need to schedule your content. Utilize the scheduling features on your website and social scheduling like Later. Not sure which Instagram scheduling tool to use? Check out our review of Plann, Later and Planoly.


Start the process again next month, you eventually will start seeing a bump in web traffic and sales.