Review - 3 Popular Instagram Scheduling Apps


We all know Instagram is where it is at these days. Curating beautiful photos, captivating captions and remembering to post is HARD! We are all busy entrepreneurs and getting a little a help is greatly appreciated. Thank goodness for Instagram Scheduling Apps. I tried out 3 popular apps, using the free plan, these are the results. 





Later, their website says they are "the simpler way to manage your visual content campaigns". There is a free plan, the paid plans start at $9/month and go to $49/month. 


  • The free plan is quite comprehensive and includes 30 Instagram posts per month (pretty much 1 per day)
  • Has desktop platform. I love typing out captions on the computer instead of my phone! This is the main reason why I use a scheduler. 
  • You can upload as many photos as you want to the media library (there is a size restriction, photos need to be less than 5mb)
  • You can crop the photo directly in the Later App, which is convenient if you are making multiple posts out of the same image
  • The 'preview' view is really great and it lets you rearrange directly in the preview. So you really curate a beautiful Instagram feed
  • Easy to save photo crop and caption from desktop and open on your phone to post


  • The design is not quite as beautiful as the other options (although really this is just a personal preference)
  • As of April 2017 there is no analytics built in



Planoly says they are a "visual planning and marketing solution". They have a free plan which allows for 30 Instagram posts per month, the paid plans start at $7/month and go to $149/month.


  • Free plan allows for 30 posts per month
  • There is a desktop platform, so you can type out your captions on a real keyboard
  • Visually Planoly is quite beautiful, I love the blush colour palate
  • The analytics are integrated into the monthly view, so you can see the likes and comments on each post
  • Media is organized into Unsceduled, Scheduled and All. This layout took me a little white to get used to, but once I understood having all the media on one tab worked fine
  • You can manage all your likes and comments from within the Planoly app 


  • You can't drag and drop schedule like Later
  • The caption portion of each photo is pre-filled with "Sent via @planoly #planoly". I found this annoying to delete every. single. time. 
  • There is an upload limit of 30 images per month. Which is fine for maintaining your account, but when just starting out I wanted to upload more. 



PLANN says you can "PLANN a follow worthy feed with our visual planner + scheduler app for Instagram." Their free plan is very limited, only 10 posts per month limited, but their paid plans start at $3 which allows for unlimited posts for 1 account. 


  • Paid plans starts at a VERY reasonable price
  • There is a really good tutorial when you first login to the app
  • The field to type your caption is clean and leaves room for multiple lines. I don't mind it, although I would prefer to type on a computer
  • There is minimal buttons on the app, so it is easy to learn (plus buttons are large and easy to touch with your finger)
  • There are Instagram tips built into the app, like "we recommend hashtag to comment


  • Free plan is very limited, which is disappointing. *There is a 5 day free trial when you first sign up though. 
  • There is no desktop app, super disappointing
  • Uploaded photos are mixed into feed displayed, so you need to upload in the order you want them to be seen
  • No drag and drop to rearrange scheduled posts

My pick?


After testing all the options, I am staying with Planoly and Later is a close second. I really love the aesthetics of Planoly and that you can see the engagement on each post in calendar. If Later gets more analytics, a feature they say is coming, I might consider switching to their platform. I liked the look of PLANN and the low entry point for their paid plans, but I really am looking for a scheduler where I can start on my computer and then just publish to Instagram on my phone. 

What Instagram scheduling app do you use? What is your favourite feature?