3 Tips to Evaluate Campaign Effectiveness


The struggle is real... getting your content in front of your potential and current clients is tough! Everyone has full inboxes and a million things competing for their attention. We have to continue to produce quality content, but we NEED to evaluate how effective the delivery methods are.

Track Everything

Use trackable links for EVERYTHING! Use Google's Campaign Builder to ensure that you can monitor success in Google Analytics.

Monitor Traffic

Monitor your traffic sources and focus your attention there! Is there a website or blog post that is sending traffic your way?

  • Make sure that it has the correct and best information. Don't be afraid to reach out to have information updated.
  • Brainstorm ways to maximize this traffic (think discount codes, design opt-ins directly for this market)

Google Analytics

Have Google Analytics send reports direct to your inbox, there is a better chance you will look at the numbers when it is sitting right in front of you. I have some reports sent on a weekly basis and at the end of the month when I analyze all my metrics. 

  • Have the report on the screen
  • Click the Email button
  • Type the email address you would like the report to send to
  • Type a subject line that will get your attention
  • Select frequency (for example every Friday, on the 30th day of every month)
  • Click send

Do you actually check your analytics every month? Are you monitoring your month over month success?