Dubsado | How I manage my client workflow


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One of the best days in my business was investing in Dubsado, a CRM which tracks, automates and handles #allthethings. Immediately after clicking ‘purchase’ I felt the overwhelm.

The great thing about Dubsado is that it is majorly flexible, there are so many workflows and templates that you can set up. Which caused me to feel majorly overwhelmed and my perfectionist tendencies started telling me it wasn’t worth the effort if I couldn’t have everything in Dubsado ‘perfect’.

Now -- one of the best things about Dubasdo is their free trial isn’t time based, instead it is client based. So I tried out the basic functionality like invoicing, packages and contracts with 3 clients and LOVED it!  

But, the workflows. That is where I felt overwhelmed. There is just so many possibilities. I probably should have invested in one of their consultations, but I’m stubborn and didn’t.

After a year of using Dubsado and actually using the workflows I am sharing my client workflow with you! In hopes it inspires you to try out Dubsado or to actually set up a darn workflow!

Also, my number one Dubsado tip: bookmark hello.dubsado.com. This takes you directly to the login screen, for months and months I would do a google search, then try and find the login button on Dubsado’s homepage. This is my lifesaver!

Embedded Dubsado Contact Form on my Website

I replaced the standard Squarespace contact form with a embedded Dubsado form. Why? Because as soon as someone fills out the contact form their information is automatically entered as a lead in Dubasdo (read: reduces data entry and typing for me). And this starts the workflow.

Once the contact form is submitted, Dubsado automatically sends an email explaining my office hours and I will get back to them within 48 hours.

Immediately Send your Proposal

If you don’t have a consult before a client books with you Dubsado can automatically send a proposal (based on a template you’ve already setup). Then the client can literally book, pay and sign a contract without you doing anything!! #goals

I used to offer a Marketing Audit service, where my workflow was set up this way. I have also seen people use this structure for strategy calls, or even flat-rate graphic design services.

Changing Status & Activating Client Portal

After the proposal is accepted, payment made and contract signed Dubsado changes the status of the project to In Progress and activates the client portal (where all the documentations and information is stored for each client).

Then a Welcome Email is sent to the new client, further explaining my process, deliverables, PDF Welcome Guide and information on how to login to the client portal.

Creating Todo Items

As soon as the invoice is paid, Dubsado creates a todo list item to order a client gift and a todo for scheduling a meeting with the client.

Sending Testimonial Request

One week after the project is completed Dubsado sends an email to a link with my testimonial form, which is also hosted on Dubsado.

Checking in with Clients

At the 6 month and 12 month mark Dubsado sends an email to my past clients “checking-in”. I ask them how things have been going in their business and what successes their business has seen since we worked together.

The answer to second question can be used as a testimonial for the long term effectiveness of your product or services.

Right now, this is the workflow I am using in Dubsado. What about you? Anything I missed that I should be using? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links click here for more informationAll comments and opinions are my own!