#1 Strategy that Grew YOUR Business in 2017 {Roundup Post}

For the last couple of weeks I have been asking entrepreneurs what the #1 strategy they used to grow their business in 2017 was, basically  the thing  that grew their business the most. These are the results!

For the last couple of weeks I have been asking entrepreneurs what the #1 strategy they used to grow their business in 2017 was, basically the thing that grew their business the most. These are the results!

I find it so encouraging that there are so many different strategies, there is not just a one-sized-fits-all solution for marketing your business. It all depends on your target audience, your location, etc. I find this so encouraging, especially as so many are complaining about the constantly changing Instagram algorithm. In fact, only one entrepreneur contributes their growth to Instagram, oh how the times are changing. 

The pie chart below summarizes the results and kind of makes my introverted heart cringe a little bit. Networking! When you read the responses below you’ll notice how effective in person networking is. Maybe 2018 is your year to book a couple of networking events and practice your elevator speech! 

Read the awesome responses below and show these fellow #girlbosses some love on their websites and Instagram! 


07712e_290e947927134ba3b0af9a94e4ebd19b~mv2_d_4880_3253_s_4_2 - Anesha Collins.jpg

Anesha Collins - Unashamed Imaging


Strategy: Videomarketing: Video-visual presence is what I've been doing since 2015/2016, but it really took off in 2017. I also help others with video-marketing.

Why it worked: It's very effective. It connects you with your ideal audience and client. 

Headshots-40 - Anung V.jpg

Anung - Moss and Mist Photography


Strategy: Make real life connections. Go to local networking events, talk to people in the normal activities you do. I’ve got the most sales and recommendations for my business by people I’ve talked to.

Why it worked: We all want to help each other. Especially for people we know and like. And for their businesses that we like too.

AshlynHeadshots-9 - Ashlyn Carter.jpg

Ashlyn Carter - Ashlyn Writes


Strategy: A mix of a TON of different things: regular content, coaching, Facebook ads, lots of PR, in-person speaking events, outsourcing, and growing a team. Combo of them all? :) 

Why it worked: I think because I started playing bigger—stopping just looking at myself as someone other businesses use as a tool (copywriter) and steping into my own as an entrepreneur.


Carolyn Mann - Larch & Lake Consulting


Strategy: Thinking of Pinterest as a search engine instead of a social media platform or a place to store recipes. I invested in Tailwind and it has been a total game changer!

Why it worked: Pinterest and Tailwind have dramatically increased my web traffic and unique visitors. The spike in traffic has really encouraged me to continue to publish content on my blog. The more content I publish the more traffic has come back to the site and the more inquiries I have received. I was initially skeptical, but Pinterest really has been a game changer in 2017 and I have only been strategically using it for Q4. 

Elizabeth Miller - Elizabeth Crea Photography


Strategy: Building genuine relationships and just sharing my passion with people I know

Why it worked: I’m naturally more introverted so it’s much easier for me to have conversations with people one on one and to just talk honestly about things I am passionate about. And I think people can tell it’s genuine and not just another sales pitch in a world of Facebook messsages from “friends” asking you to buy their product.

Hayley Luckadoo.jpeg

Hayley Luckadoo - Peonies on the Port


Strategy: Facebook groups - I utilized posting days or certain threads to advertise my work in a way that was best suited for that group.

Why it worked: People are constantly on Facebook and usually look to FB groups for advice and ideas. People trying to sell their services often forget how great of a resource those groups can be.

DSC_9804 - Jessica Lynn.jpg

Jessica Lynn - Jessica Lynn Creative


Strategy: Investing in a CRM (Dubsado to be exact)! While initially I spent a lot of time in setting up everything in Dubsado, it has paid off in the time I gain with each client interaction. Dubsado has made my process/workflow much more efficient and professional in my client's eyes, but allows for easy proofing and keeps all my emails organized! Investing in Dubsado has allowed me to systemize my business in ways that I couldn't do without a CRM and I haven't regretted this investment once.

Why it worked: I had all my important documents like contracts, proposals, and proofing forms in one place. I no longer had to search through folders on my computer to find what I was looking for. I was also able to seamlessly send a proposal, have the contract signed, and the invoice generated with the initial deposit in one fatal swoop. The level of professionalism and organization this platform allowed for gave me the opportunity to spend my time more effectively and serve my clients better. All the information I ever need to serve my clients is at my finger tips at any given point with a CRM like Dubsado!

emls logo - Jillian Milam.jpg

Jillian Milam - Early Morning Light Studio


Strategy: In person networking.

Why it worked: People get to know you and if you are compatible when meeting face to face.

Laura Jennings - Laura Jennings Photography, Inc. 


Strategy: Loving on my existing clients! It's much cheaper to keep an existing client happy and over the moon than acquiring a new one. I took my "client loving" to the next level and have people booking their family sessions nearly a year in advance. 

Why it worked: Oh, well I just answered above! Clients are starting to book their family sessions almost a full year in advance. 

Lindsay&Co_019 - Lindsay Page.jpg

Lindsay Page - Lindsay & Co. 


Strategy: In person networking. I usually hate this because I am an introvert but I joined the local Rising Tide Society chapter for monthly meet ups and I spoke at a workshop for my target market. Suddenly, I have so many local clients that I can trace back to both of these networks. 

Why it worked: I think there is something to be said about meeting people to face to face and making a personal connection that builds trust. When you have trust, people are more likely to refer you.

IMG_4128 - Megan Escheman.jpg

Megan Escheman - M.E. Photography 

Strategy: Switching to Honeybook.   

Why it worked: The professional presentation WOW'd so many clients, and the convenience to pay everyone loved. 


Tiffany Reichenberger - The Digital Garden


Strategy: The Strategy we LOVED using & worked the best for us this year was relationship building! Not your typical response perhaps but it created sustainability, credibility, and trust. 

Why it worked: Our team offered up genuine, authentic, and realistic free information that allowed our potential clients to start seeing results right away. After they realized those ideas worked, they came back for more. We were happy to help them and eager to hear how they did with the free information we offered. They saw our generosity and expertise.