let me guess...

You’re a business owner and you’ve got big dreams, but you’re a just a little bit {or a lot a bit} scared.

Do you need to stop feeling like you aren’t good enough and just run unapologetically towards your own path?


Oh, you’re in just the right spot, friend!

That’s where I come in.


I’m Carolyn, and I work with creative business owners who are ready to lean into their intuition, find clarity in their scariest dreams and stop feeling the guilt of not measuring up to others.  

I help them how to niche down and speak clearly about their business, while sprinkling in a lot of chasing their wildest dreams, without all the fear. Together we turn your fear into power and have you feeling totally confident in your business so it can flourish.

With 8 years of non-profit marketing under my belt and a never ending desire to stop learning, I have created marketing strategies for clients who needed a strong foundation for their business. During this I saw just how many entrepreneurs had dreams of something big, but were afraid to follow through because it was different than what they were seeing in the marketplace. 

I've been there, I let fear take hold and it stopped me from pursuing so many things. I decided to take action with guidance from my intuition and everything changed. 

  • Personally, I believe a bottle of wine and good food is always a catalyst for some great conversation and lot's of laughs.

  • Nothing beats that feeling of how happy your dog is to see you when you get home.

  • Life is so much more than work and business and I intend on enjoying everything life has to offer.


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