Nice to Meet You!

/ Hi! Grab a seat & pour yourself a glass

I’m Carolyn, and I work with creative business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level.

With 10 years of non-profit marketing under my belt and a never ending desire to stop learning, I have created marketing strategies for clients who needed a strong foundation for their business. During this I saw just how many entrepreneurs had dreams of something big, understood they needed to have a plan, but had a hard time DIY’ing their graphics, website and marketing. They needed guidance with making things pretty 😍 😍 and strategic.

I dreamed up these Marketing Kits to meet entrepreneurs right where they are, building a business, having a vision in their head and needing some help to make it all happen. Pretty doesn’t have to be out of reach and you can create a simple plan to market your business. Let me help you along the way!


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Get to know me a little bit more…

  • Living the #okanaganlifestyle in Kelowna, BC. Spending my time on the lake and in the winery.

  • Personally, I believe a bottle of wine and good food is always a catalyst for some great conversation and lot's of laughs.

  • Nothing beats that feeling of how happy your dog is to see you when you get home.

  • Life is so much more than work and business and I intend on enjoying everything life has to offer.